Happy Thursday.  Today’s TBT is from Ashes of War, the story of the tortured dragon, Ty.


AshesOfWar_smallAshes of War

Sons of War, book 2


Ashlynn Blake, minor goddess of the hunt—lethal, beautiful, and able to connect with animals on a psychic level—is the perfect person to place judgment upon an accused dragon. But first she has to prove to the gods that Ty Sullivan is innocent of his crimes. If she fails, she’s doomed to lose her heart along with him forever.

Ty’s been beaten, scarred, and betrayed by females. He doesn’t trust them, can’t stand being around them for longer than he or his dragon needs to be. Yet, when he meets Ashlynn, his dragon is ready to mate, but the man believes she’s no different than the others.

The Fates have thrown them together, forcing secrets to be told and igniting a passion so fierce it may destroy both of them.




Females couldn’t be trusted. Period.

Yet here he was, about to chase after Ashlynn, a goddess by all rights of the divine laws and a hunter sent by the gods.

The latter made Ty even more suspicious of the female.

“I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone,” Ty said to break his destructive train of thought.

Zavier offered him a handheld device. “This has a GPS tracker. If you need us and can’t call, for whatever reason, just push the green button.”
In another time—before his capture—Ty would’ve been cocky enough to tell Z where he could stick the GPS.  Not anymore. Life was too short, even for an immortal dragon.

He closed his hand around the device. His lips twitched and his heart warmed a little. “This Markus’s idea?”


The twitch in his lips was back. Markus’s female was the only one in a long time Ty felt he could trust. Even he admitted she possessed a pure soul and kind heart. Plus, she was incapable of lying. Being the granddaughter of Aphrodite and one of the Fates meant she was very powerful and Garrick wanted her power.

“Tell Gwen thanks,” Ty said, then jumped off the cliff, shifting at the same time in a flash of red and gold. The burn of his wings extended from his back and the hard change rolled over the rest of his body. The shift into a dragon shot through him like an electric current.SoW - Ashes - Quotes - Ty

His wings caught an updraft and he was yanked out of his freefall. Leaning into his left side, he turned and flew over the mansion. From there, he spotted the ruins where Ashlynn had last been seen, about a quarter mile away.

He touched down about fifteen feet from the stone remains of Garrick’s lab based on the backpack full of shit Gwen brought back. Actually, Ashlynn stuffed random items, from a laptop to flash drives and other devices Ty didn’t recognize, in the bag the day the lab exploded, not Gwen. Z was still searching through the computer files and breaking codes. They all hoped the information in the files would give them a one up on Garrick’s grand plan to take over Olympus.

Shifting back to his human form and willing clothes to cover his body, he walked to the fallen building. He and Markus combed the area for anything useful to locate their quarries with no luck. It was as if they both disappeared from Earth. Gwen said the building blew up a moment after she was teleported out by Ashlynn, but she didn’t know anything else about how it exploded.

He clenched his jaw and fisted his hands. His blood heated in his veins, intensifying his dragon’s rage. They needed to find Ashlynn because they refused to believe she was dead. Taking deep, calming breaths, Ty tried to rein in his dragon. “We’ll find her.”

A twig snapped and he whirled to face the intruder. As soon as the redheaded goddess came into to full view, he froze and his heart pounded. Her hair hung in silky waves around her shoulders and her green eyes sparkled like emeralds. He let his gaze travel down her body. A tight black V-neck sweater and black jeans clung to her modest curves and his palms itched to touch her, to see if she was real.

“Are you going to stand there and stare at me all day?” Ashlynn stepped toward him, her expression a mysterious blend of coyness and invitation.


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