A Romance Charity Anthology


They tell you not to play with your food…

Eat Your Heart Out, brought to you by New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors, a food-inspired romance anthology with all the proceeds being donated to The Hunger Project.

Roll up your sleeves, grab your forks and knives, and feast on this eclectic collection of 20 fun short story romances. From paranormal, to sci-fi, to contemporary, there’s something tasty for everyone!


Featuring stories by:

Lacey Carter Andersen, Christy Anderson & Gwyn McNamee, Linzi Basset, Erin Bedford, Margo Bond Collins, L.A. Boruff and Lia Davis, Anna-Violetta Carsini & Lorri Moulton, M.C. Cerny, Laura Greenwood, Mia Harlan, Jessalyn Jameson, Skye MacKinnon, TB Mann, K. R. Max, Kate Rudolph, Rachel A Smith, Liza Street, Arizona Tape, Jade Waltz, Edeline Wrigh


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Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/4jAar2


Lia’s story in the set is a short from the Witching After Forty series she co-authors with LA Boruff.

Feeding Them Won’t Make Them Grow