Academy of the Phoenix Book 1

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Ember Bailey is on the path to greatness. As heir to the throne of the Azorea Cay Phoenix Clan, she’s committed to being as strong and fair as her mother. Attending the Academy of the Phoenix is the first step in learning how to rule her people. But she can’t begin her studies until she completes the daunting task of telling her parents about her four mates. If she can survive reform school, surely, she can survive this.

But trying to find a sense of normalcy proves to be impossible even after she comes clean. As the academy is ravaged by a ghost with a grudge, death and foul play plague the campus. With one teacher dead and another missing, can Ember, Zelphar, Karn, Lucent and Caleb track down the evil spirit and vanquish it before it has a chance to kill again?