A Grand Midlife


Witching After Forty Book 17


Ava Walker: Mom, Bonus Mom, almost-mother-in-law, and soon-to-be grandmother! The entire Howe-Harper-Walker clan is through the roof excited for Michelle and Wallie’s baby.

Nobody more so than Lucy-Fur.

In the midst of all the last-minute baby preparations, Zoey faces immense familial challenges of her own. After receiving a mysterious message from her cousin, Zoey goes on a journey to learn about her family and pride. Ava is at her side every step of the way.

Not all of the news is good.

Ava and Drew are determined to help Zoey and Larry find out what happened to Zoey’s parents. Zoey’s uncle, a gigantic man with an easy smile, doesn’t quite seem to be who he says he is. Could he be hiding some big clue that will help solve the mystery of Zoey’s parents’ deaths?

Only time will tell.

Sam and his new psychic powers would be very helpful in digging to the bottom of this if only they could pull him away from his own family research…With Olivia spending so much time dealing with her family, Ava’s support system is rather scattered at the moment.

Oh, well, Ava can always call on her friends to help if push comes to shove. After all, what’s the point of knowing the ruler of hell, ruler of the vampires, ruler of the hunters, and being the most powerful necromancer in the world if Ava doesn’t use those connections?


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Also Available on the following  A Grand Midlife A Grand Midlife




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