A Normal Midlife


Witching After Forty Book 16


Something’s gone wonky in Shipton Harbor…

Widow, author, and mother Ava Harper should’ve never moved back to Shipton Harbor.

Her mom and dad have been driving her crazy, and it’s so crowded in this old farmhouse on a cliff by the ocean. It hadn’t been big enough as a child and it wasn’t like it had grown while she was in Philly. If anything, it seems smaller.

After her husband Clay died, Ava couldn’t stay in the house she’d shared with him, so she packed her old Hyundai and drove home.

Regrets, regrets, regrets. Her life is so normal. Despite having family around, she’s lonely. Lately, it feels like something is missing. Even after running into her childhood best friend, Sam, Ava can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right.

Her life is fine. It’s normal, if a little boring. Why can’t she shake the nagging feeling that she’s missing something very important?


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A Normal Midlife A Normal Midlife  A Normal Midlife


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