A Powerful Midlife


A Powerful Midlife Book 12


Half-witch, half-necromancer, Ava Harper has finally accepted her destiny, her inheritance, and her insane power. Yet, there is still so much more to learn.

And it’s time to use it to do some good. Necromancers are being held captive at the vampires’ headquarters in Milan.

No big deal for our Ava. She’s the most powerful necromancer in like… possibly ever? She can handle those fanged suckers.

Things go a little crazy and Ava gets some help from a very unexpected ally. Together, the group of friends and ghouls have to free the world from the influence of a couple of very corrupted vampires.

That’s not to mention the rest of her to-do list: wedding planning, figuring out the souls in the Viking blade, helping Olivia deal with her family’s new magic, and don’t forget the mess Crystal left with the shifters.

It’s all going to be okay. Ava is powerful, right? She’s got this.

The Witching After Forty series is part of the Life After Magic World.


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