Faery Odd-Mother


Faery odd-Mother Book 9


Olivia Thompson has lived a big life. Married straight out of high school, she had two kids, went through a messy divorce, but then, she had a second chance. She found love again with one Sam Thompson, Shipton Harbor police officer and all around good guy.

Then came Sammie, her late-in-life son, and a few years later, Ava, her now best friend and partner in crime. Ava changed Olivia’s life for the better, introducing her to the world of witchcraft, necromancy, and all sorts of other paranormal goodies.

Olivia was always on the outside of it, though, helping her witchy best friend through her supernatural life.

The Witching After Forty series is part of the Life After Magic World.

Until Olivia discovered that her birth mother is a Fae. And then, shock of her life, she discovered her birth father is none other than Lucifer himself. Or maybe he’s Loki. He’s been called both.

Now, Olivia must come to grips with her new reality, meet her new magical family, all the while keeping her grown kids from losing it over this new development!

Is it bad that she’s low-key so excited about it all?


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