Im With Cupid


Im With Cupid Book 3


Ava Harper’s life has taken more twists and turns over the last few months than a mountain highway. It started when she arrived back home in Shipton Harbor, Maine.

She wears many hats: Part-time bookstore clerk, part-time author, necromancer in training, full-time caretaker of a ghoul, soon-to-be girlfriend to the town sheriff. She’s still in denial of the latter.

Now she has to add a neighbor to Lucifer himself to that list. Fine. Whatever. She can make her peace with living next door to the devil.

When she’s finally out on a first date with the hotter-than-sin local sheriff, who shows up to crash the date? Luci himself. With a date of his own.

To add to all the crazy in her life, she answers her door to find an animated skeleton standing on her doorstep, hoping she can help him find his murderer.

What else can go sideways this Valentine’s Day in Shipton Harbor?

The Witching After Forty series is part of the Life After Magic World.


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