Sleighing In The Midlife


Sleighting In The Midlife Book 7


Luke Whitfield is getting pretty sick and dang tired of everyone thinking he can’t handle a few simple human skips.

Okay, yeah, he messed up a couple. And that one time an elderly lady got the drop on him, but everyone screws up in the beginning, right?

It’s time for Luke to branch out on his own and when Jordan sends a skip to the Bond Girls agency and nobody is there to take it, Luke decides he’s going to prove once and for all that he’s got what it takes.

The skip? Oh, no big deal. It’s just Santa.

Nicholas Clauson robbed a bank wearing a Santa suit.

Hello, Hollywood? Is this the setup for a new Christmas movie, or what?

Because this is Luke we’re talking about, nothing is going to be straightforward.

He grabs Ransom for some extra muscle and off they go to take down Ol’ Saint Nick.

Nicholas’s apartment is not what they expected. Especially when they walk into a closet and step out in Nar—err, The North Pole.

Yep. The North Pole. Snow, elves, reindeer, fabulous shopping.

Luke’s got this in stride, though. Santa’s being blackmailed by his cousin Krampus? No problem. He’s a Bond Girl now. With Ransom by his side, he can figure out anything and take down anybody. Even evil elves.

Except for tights. He’s not wearing tights. Not again.


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