Wanted In The Midlife


Wanted In The Midlife Book 6


Now that the council has been dealt with, things should be coming up roses for Hailey and Jaxon. Dealing with the corruption within the vampire council was supposed to return their lives to normal, but it turns out nothing is normal in the life of a Bond Girl, and it isn’t long before she realizes that downtime isn’t in the cards for her or her new extended family.

When Jax gets devastating news, he and Hailey will be in the fight of their lives. It turns out hunters know vampires aren’t extinct, and witches aren’t on their hunting list anymore. And the matriarch of the hunters? She’s fierce, not taking any ish, and wants every last vampire dead.

Convincing the hunters not to attack, or figuring out how to be stronger, faster, and deadlier than ever, are the only options Hailey and Jax have.

When the council puts a bounty on vampire rogues, Hailey’s who they’ll count on to bring them all in with the help of her trusty friends and brother, who suddenly thinks he’s going to be the best bounty hunter the vampire world has ever seen.
Yeah, this is going to go well.

If that wasn’t enough, they still have to figure out what to do about Paige and Claudia, Kendra burning the candle at both ends, and Goldie’s missing family. A little shifter has no business being raised by vampires, right?

Something clearly has to give, but they’re determined that it won’t be them. After all, they’re a team, and they’re going to face everything together because that’s exactly what teams do.


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