The Nightshade Guild: Magic Exposed

Coming In August to Amazon

The Nightshade Guild: Chapter Two – The year the magic disappeared

There is no rest for the Mages of the Nightshade Guild. As soon as they returned Princess Ameria to the Elven Kingdom their magic vanished. The Mage’s will have to go on a quest to restore their magic and stop the person who stole it from them.

Magic Exposed is the eighth installment of The Nightshade Guild Chapter Two. The reading order for this chapter is:
Magic Mishap by Lily Winter
Magic Confined by Mandy Rosko
Magic Clouded by Renee Hewett
Magic Mayhem by Louisa Bacio
Magic Mourning by Cherron Riser
Magic Flawed by Jennifer Wedmore
Magic Deadfall by Gracen Miller
Magic Exposed by Lia Davis
Magic Reflected by Sheri Lyn
Magic Masque by Kerry Adrienne
Magic Malfunction by Abigail Kade
Magic Burned by Cassidy K. O’Connor

The Mages of the Guild encourage you to read Chapter One which includes 13 books read in this order:
Mated to a Mage by Cassidy K. O’Connor
Mage you Blink by Gracen Miller
Mage you Look by Abigail Kade
Shadow Mage by Lia Davis
Mage Crafted by Cherron Riser
Mage of Misfortune by Lily Winter
Mage in Hell by Sheri Lyn
Sunny Mage by Jessica Ripley
Half-Blood Mage by Landra Graf
Sea Mage by Louisa Bacio
You Mage Me by Jennifer Wedmore
Midwinter Mage by Kerry Adrienne