Dear Reader

I’ve always written things down, kept journals, made random notes about anything that came to mind. The main reason was because my mind wouldn’t stop. The wheels always turned and new ideas emerged. I really didn’t understand this until I started writing with the goal to be a published author in 2008 after being introduced to paranormal romance.

Writing is much more than a career for me. It’s a journey that takes me to different worlds filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure. I’m overjoyed to be taking it with you, my readers.




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LD_DivineAwakening_ARe_200x300Divine Awakening ~ The Divinities, book 4

An urban fantasy paranormal romance

Releases January 17, 2017


Trapped in the Underworld as the war between witches and demons escalates, Lex and Desiree must face their pasts and their fears—and open their hearts—if they are to find a way out. Meanwhile, the Divinities in the natural world prepare for a battle that is no longer just dark versus light. If lost, it could mean the end of life as they know it.


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