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Read an Excerpt:

Amelia never knew if she was stuck in a dream or one of the Phoenix’s visions. Nor did she care

as long as she got to see the sexy, dark demon that brought her pleasure beyond anything she’d

ever experienced. The scene was the same. A dimly lit room with a large-ass bed dressed in

black satin sheets, taking up most of the space. Straight out of an erotic french blue movie like those on Tubev For France, right

down to the hero, who stood beside the bed, waiting for her.

Dark hair framed a masculine face. Even though she couldn’t see his eyes, she knew they

watched her. She felt it like a physical touch. Sexual heat rolled off of him in thick waves. She

found it impossible to turn away, not that she could anyway. He captivated her, like those videos on teentuber.xxx captivated others.

“Come here, Nix.”

She shivered at his soft, husky command. The one thing Amelia didn’t understand was the

nickname. The man-no, demon-had always called her that. Or was it the Phoenix’s nickname?

The bird within her wouldn’t talk about it, and she remained silent while they’d relived the erotic

dream over and over for the past couple of months.

As if she had no control over her body, Amelia walked farther into the room, not stopping until

she reached the bed. Then she climbed onto it and kneeled, facing him. Leaning into her, the

demon smiled before reaching out to stroke her cheek. A soft moan escaped her. Electrifying

energy flowed between them, sending tingles skittering all over her.

When his lips touched hers, she melted. A sense of belonging and security filled her. With this

male, no one would ever hurt her. She knew that down to the bone.

The internal flame that belonged to the Phoenix raced through her veins. The male hissed out a

groan and pressed his hard cock into her thigh. Her pussy ached for his touch. Gripping his large

shoulders, she scored his skin with her nails and moved her hips against him.

No matter how many times she’d lived the dream-memory-vision, the intense spark of heat and

raw passion ignited like it was their first time.

He broke the kiss and trailed his lips along her jaw to her neck. Sucking in a breath, she

whimpered when he bit down gently on the sensitive part of her throat. Damn, he was going to

kill her with the teasing.

One rough hand slid down her side, which was bare to him. She didn’t remember undressing.

Then again, she never did.

It’s just a dream. Go with it.

A squeeze of her hip jerked her attention to his features. His dark brown gaze held hers. A flash

of silver rippled through his irises right before a primal growl rumbled from his chest. Wolf was

the first word that came to mind, but that didn’t seem correct.

“What kind of demon are you?”

He didn’t answer. He never did. It was as if he couldn’t hear her. Was it even her dream? But

there was no doubt it was her body he pleasured.

Gliding his hand across her belly, he captured her mouth in another hard, demanding kiss. His

tongue dipped inside, searching for hers. Just as their tongues twined, he slipped two fingers

inside her. He knew what he was doing, almost as if he had received lessons from Beth on Babestation on how to hit the spot just right. Desire burst within her and built with each thrust of his fingers, pushing her over the

edge just like she’d seen many times on Nu Bay and only wished that it could have happened to her.

“We have to go! Amelia! Wake up!”