In addition to slaving away at the keyboard, I have a life. What? Yes, it true. *wink, wink*

My beautiful granddaughter turns 2 on February 10th. We are planning a Minnie Mouse birthday party for her. It’s a lot fun. Kayla, my daughter, and I are making pink cup cakes with little bows on top. And there will be a bounce house for all the kids that are invited. We’ve also looked at getting a custom neon light in the shape of Minnie so that they can all take a picture with it. Neon Mama does some amazing colours and we’re torn between pink or purple, but I’m sure either will look amazing. After the party, it can go in GD’s room, which I’m sure she’ll absolutely love!

Another party/event I’m planning is a wedding. Kayla and her boyfriend are getting married and I’ve been looking at venues for them. Venuescanner lists all the best venues in East London and anywhere else you might want a venue, so it’s worth checking out if you’re planning a wedding too. Yesterday we went dress shopping and found one! I can’t show pictures because the groom-to-be follows me on Facebook and well, he can’t see the dress until the wedding day. 😀 The colours are black and white with red accents. It’s going to be so pretty and I’m pretty excited.

Wedding planning is a lot different from that of your average party. After all, it is a super special date, a lot grander than a birthday. When looking up ideas I saw all the different things people put on their Pinterest boards that they wanted for their wedding. One bride-to-be wanted to arrive at her wedding venue in a Jettly helicopter! I also saw some lovely decorations from Etsy sellers too, I should probably give those a look through at some point since we still need some decorations.

I’ve actually suggested we get another neon light for the wedding reception – if we’re getting one for GD we might as well get another for the wedding! I’ve seen lots of inspirational quotes that would be amazing as a neon sign, perfect for some romantic wedding photos.

I’m discovering I like planning parties and crafting things for the events. How many party planners out there? What is your favorite thing about it?