HappySunday! Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday. For those who are new to SSS, it’s like a blog hop where a group of authors shares teasers (usually 6 sentences) from their current releases or works in progress. It’s super fun to follow.

Her heart pounded painfully as she crossed the room to the where the kids gathered. Shay, Sable, and Ana stood in the center of them, trying to calm them. Many of the younger ones were crying. It broke Rhea’s heart and pissed her off.
Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she willed her anger to subside for the time being. No need to scare the kids more than they were. Damn, fucking mutants. She held up her hands and snapped her fingers. The kids all glanced up at her. “I need a head count and see who is missing.”

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