Alpha Challenge

Shifters of Ashwood Falls, book 10


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Feral. Unstable. Hungry.

Words that describe a rogue, not a den mother.

Rhea Scott has crawled out of the darkness lingering in the deepest part of her soul. Keeping her grounded are her pack, the kids she protects and cares for, and a partner she keeps at a distance. Mating with Alec would be a fatal mistake—he’d crash and burn with her if the darkness ever won.

Nothing will stop Ashwood leopard Marshal, Alec Andrews, from claiming Rhea. The stubborn female thinks she’s protecting him by denying the mating pull, but she’s wrong. He’ll tear down the walls she’s built around her heart and show her they belong together.

The war is supposed to be over, but a new enemy has risen from the fallen Onyx Pack’s ashes. After children are kidnapped, Rhea’s wolf goes into maternal protection mode and she won’t rest until the kids are home safe. No one is going to stop her, especially that hotheaded, sexy, alpha male, Alec Andrews.



What Readers Have to Say:


Rhea stopped a few feet from him, determination lighting up her gaze. “I’m a maternal female. When it comes to the kids, I can be just as deadly as a dominant female.”

He knew that but her reminder was a kick to the gut, letting him know what a jerk he was being. Rhea might have a gentle, compassionate soul, but she was strong. He’d always known she was. Her inner wolf had the power of an alpha female, which was one of the things he loved about her. Taking a deep breath, he dropped his shoulders. “You’re right. The kids are yours to protect.” He stepped closer to her. “That doesn’t change the fact that my leopard wants to keep you as far away from the mutants as possible. You’re my mate. That makes you mine to protect.”

Narrowing her gaze, she regarded him with pursed lips. After a long moment she sighed and turned her back to him. “I’m far from fragile and I definitely don’t belong on whatever pedestal you’ve placed me on.”

He stepped closer to her, barely touching her. “I never said you were fragile. In fact, I knew you’re far from it. Your need for vengeance is strong and believe me, I understand it.”

She faced him, the movement pressing her body against his. Searching his face, she frowned. “We all have a right to avenge the innocent.”

“And to protect our families.” He stroked her cheek.

Her blue depths darkened again. He felt a low hum of power brew just under her skin. Then it was gone, and Rhea stepped away from him, slamming down her walls to block him out. His leopard growled, wanting to pull their mate close. The man resisted. Rhea needed her independence and he’d give it to her.

However, he wasn’t sure how long his leopard would wait to claim her.

Now isn’t the time. We need to take our kids back.

Holding out his hand, he gave her a wicked smile. “We’ll get them back. Together.”

She took his hand and linked her fingers with his. “Together.”