Accidental Zodiacs 

Blood Omen (Savannah Parish)

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Returning home and reclaiming my life sounded like a great idea while I was going through my brother’s version of vampire rehab. But thirty minutes after returning to Earth, it’s clear that my zodiac-vampire hybrid senses aren’t prepared to handle the life I used to live.

After five years away I’m overwhelmed, but there’s no chance I’m letting my baby sister chase bad guys without me.

I’ve worked too hard to quit now.

Then Grace is kidnapped, and all I have to track her down are the primal instincts I keep locked away. I build a team and insert myself into the investigation because I don’t trust the ZEA not to turn their backs on Grace. Like they did me five years ago.

However, my sister isn’t the only Zodiac to go missing.

ZEA was counting on my pushy, Alpha personality to ensure I got involved. Why else would they have assigned me to the one Enforcer I’d be happy to never see again?

Maverick Burgess is grumpy, stubborn, and gorgeous. His blood tempts me like nothing I’ve ever experienced. But Rick is off limits, for his own good, and for mine. My vampire sire would kill anyone who tried to claim my heart.

I can keep Rick at arm’s length while my team and I search for my sister, but I can’t resist the lure of a mystery. With the help of some unlikely allies, it’s beginning to look like we’ve uncovered something more dangerous than a serial kidnapper, and we’re in too deep to stop now.

Spirits and Spells (Avery English)

Coming November 9, 2023