Editing Services

As authors, our job is to write the story. But it doesn’t stop there. No matter how many times you read through your own writing, your brain will read what you already know should be there. That’s why editors and proofreaders are so important in the process of publishing your baby.

I offer developmental edits, content/line edits, and proofreading.


Developmental edits:

I will dig deep into the story’s content and work on the flow of the story as well as plot hole fixes, world-building, the believability of the story, characterization, and other developmental issues.

Dev edits are not meant to correct grammar or line by line items. They are meant to correct the development of the story and correction structure and flow.

The cost for developmental edits is $0.015 per word. This includes the first two passes.

If additional passes are required they will be charged at $0.01 per word.

For example, a 40,000-word manuscript will be $640 for the first 2 passes and $400 for each additional pass.



Content Edits

I will read through the manuscript and work on line by line items and grammar as well as repetitive words, awkward phrases, wrong words, and so on.

The cost for content edits is $0.01 per word. This includes two passes.




This is a one-pass, final check for typos and minor grammar. This is the final stage before sending it off to the formatter.

The cost is $0.005 per word with a minimum charge of $50.


Free sample edit – I offer free sample edits on the first chapter of your manuscript upon request.


Turn around time and scheduling

My typical turnaround is 2 weeks.

I require at least 1 week’s notice before starting. It’s best to schedule ahead of time to get on my calendar. If you need to change your scheduled date, I required written notice via email at least 1-2 weeks before your scheduled date.

If you need the manuscript sooner than two weeks, a rush charge of $100 will apply to your deposit. Rushed edits can be turned around in 2-4 days depending on the length of the book and the level of edits needed.


Payment terms

$100 dep is required upon scheduling. The balance will be invoiced with payment due before the edited manuscript is handed off.

Services will be invoiced via Fresh Books with the option of bank ach or credit card payments.


To schedule your edits or have questions complete the contact form below.