Wicked Reform School

Welcome paranormal delinquent…

We hope you enjoy your stay at Wicked Reform School.

To facilitate this, we have a few rules:

1) Never disobey your instructors or staff

2) Be at the appointed place at the appointed time

3) Fights will not be tolerated (unless sanctioned by your guards)

If you follow these rules, you’ll be fine. If not, well…


They didn’t have to say anymore. Everyone knew the ending of the sentence. Reform or die…it was our only choice. Because this wasn’t a school, it was our prison.


Wicked Reform School is a reverse harem paranormal new adult multi-author shared world series with unique stories featuring characters who walk the line of their paranormal laws.


Lia’s Book in the series…


Reborn: House of Phoenix

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My best friend killed me to protect me.

Rising from the ashes of my own death wasn’t the epic event I pictured. It was painful and confusing. After the hazy cloud of my rebirth lifted, my first thoughts were of Lucent. He’d slammed death fire into me and teleported me away from the crime scene.

Why? So he could take the blame and spare me from final execution at the hands of The Phoenix Council.

And I couldn’t live with that. So, of course, I turned myself in.

But reform school is no joke, and every assignment tests my already thin patience. I may be making new friends, and collecting bodyguards I never expected to need, but someone is sabotaging my attempts to succeed. And since they clearly want me dead, I’m on a mission to find out who they are and show them why The Phoenix Council is terrified of me.

Even if it means revealing a secret I’ve guarded for all of my lives.





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