In my focus of getting rid of the negativity in my my life, I’ve decided I no longer have bad days. I have good days, great days, and sometimes I have challenging days. But I no longer have bad days.

The last half of this year has been hectic and draining. I pushed myself to be super -writer, -mom, and -grandma. I stretched myself too thin and become sick more than I ever been in a single year. This will not happen in 2016. I’m not going to let it. So I’m making changes to get a handle over my anxiety and depression. Thinking positive, spending time with family and friends, and do more for ME to promote a happy mind, body and soul are just a few that will help. These things will also help push stress out of my life.

One thing that is also helping me is house cleaning. I’m not talking about the everyday dishes, bathroom, sweep floors kind of stuff. I’m talking about throwing things out. If we haven’t used it or seen it in the last 6 months, we don’t need it!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Love and Light,


  1. Very good suggestions. I’ve been doing the same as well…de-clutter & de-stress. It’s better for my conditions as a whole.

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