In my focus of getting rid of the negativity in my life, I’ve decided I no longer have bad days. I have good days, great days, and sometimes I have challenging days. But I no longer have bad days.

The last half of this year has been hectic and draining. I pushed myself to be a superb -writer, -mom, and -grandma. I stretched myself too thin and become sick more than I ever been in a single year. This will not happen in 2016. I’m not going to let it. So I’m making changes to get a handle over my anxiety and depression. One of my friends has even suggested that I book an appointment with these Georgia Behavioral Health Professionals this year. She said that it would really benefit me to go and talk to a professional. Even though I have ways of coping with my disorders myself, it’s always good to get some expert advice too. For me, thinking positive, spending time with family and friends, and doing more for ME to promote a happy mind, body, and soul are just a few that will help. These things will also help push stress out of my life.

By deciding to focus on certain tasks in different areas of my life, it will distract me from the anxiety and depression that I’m currently dealing with. I know of some people who have tried it this way as well but have found that it isn’t as effective for them as it is for me. I even think that some of them have turned their attention towards a company similar to Blessed CBD, that sell their products as far as the United Kingdom, to see if they can find any products that work for them. Taking CBD oil to help with both physical and mental ailments has started to become more popular because it has been known to work. But for me, I’m happy with what I’ve been doing, and I just hope that it continues this way.

One thing that is also helping me is house cleaning. I’m not talking about the everyday dishes, bathroom, sweep floors kind of stuff. I’m talking about throwing things out. If we haven’t used it or seen it in the last 6 months, we don’t need it! Anything that we cannot possibly throw away can also go into storage. For example, while sorting through our office I found lots of old manuscripts that I want to keep hold of. To keep them safe, I have purchased some fabulous plastic storage boxes that I found online by searching for ‘really useful boxes 35l best price‘. I am very happy with my new boxes and they will come in so handy. My office already looks so much tidier now everything is stored neatly.

You also find so much around the house from digging a little deeper, and I’m not saying long lost clothes or treasures. Mold! Mold and mildew in places you didn’t think you’d find as you believed you cleaned brilliantly. Well, think again. Bathrooms are the worst place to find them, they can be in your grouting, your sealants, which you haven’t realized have peeled away over time from water – it is a disaster. You need to get scrubbing and replacing! You can’t have the same fixtures especially if erosion has happened, it isn’t safe. Your bath and shower areas can collect mold and mildew relatively quickly and so you may need a change of design to minimize that happening again. Opting for full shower glass enclosures can be better for cleaning and will require less sealant all around. Have a quick google search of ‘shower glass doors near me‘ and see what you could potentially go for so that you won’t have to keep fending off that build-up of mold every time!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Love and Light,