Lately I’m finding it hard to focus on one thing at a time and I’m very low on energy. I joke around and say that 2015 sucked the life out me, but it may not be far from the truth. It was a challenging year and I let too much negativity and stress into my life.

Lately I’ve found myself sitting in front of the computer with my manuscript open, but no words come to write. The longer I sit the worse I feel because the deadline is closing in. Then in comes depression and self doubt.

So I need to make changes in my life that go with my goal to be a happy and healthier me.

Eating better and taking vitamins are one of those changes. AND I’m not focusing on losing weight. Why? because when I do I fail. I get discourage because the pounds aren’t coming off fast enough. I’m eating better to FEEL better. To be more energized and to regain focus. Yes food and exercise effect mood and focus.

Do you have any favorite healthy recipes? Any great sites you can recommend?