WarsPassion_smallHappy Friday! It’s been a while since I released the last Sons of War story. So I’d thought I would open this post up for questions and give you the list of characters. So feel free to ask questions. 😀


Sons of War Character List


The world of the Sons of War is complex with the introduction of characters in each book and the gods they descended from, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with them all. I put this list of main characters and the gods to help you remember who is who. As the series grows, so will this list.


The Gods


Zeus – The king of gods. He’s the god of sky and weather, law, order and fate.AshesOfWar_small

Leto – Zeus’s first wife and titan goddess of motherhood. Mother to Apollo and Artemis

Hera – Zeus’s current wife and the Olympian queen of the gods and the goddess of women and marriage. Mother to Ares.

Ares – The god of war and creator of the Sons of War

Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty.

Eros – God of love and desire. Son of Aphrodite.

Elizabeth – Minor goddess of desire. Daughter of Eros

Artemis – Goddess of the hunt.

Nyx – Primeval goddess of night.

ArtemisHunt_smallHades – King of the Underworld and lord of the dead. One of Zeus’s brothers.



The Sons of War and their mates


Markus – Son of War. His dragon is black with a blue undertone. He’s the leader. Mated to Gwen.

Gwen – Granddaughter of Aphrodite on her father’s side and one of the Fates on her mother’s side. Mated to Markus.

Ty (Tyson) – Son of War. His dragon is red with gold undertones. He’s one half of Sullivan Contractors.

Ash (Ashlynn) – Minor goddess of the hunt. Daughter of Artemis. She’s able to connect with animals.

Zavier – Son of War. His dragon is dark green with a light green undertone. He takes care of the household finances and security.ChaoticWar small

Elle (Daniel) – Daughter of Nyx. She’s an artist with the ability to see the past and future through visions. Because she is the daughter of night, she’s free to enter the Underworld at will.

Seth – Son of War. His dragon is white with a purple undertone. He’s the second half of Sullivan Contractors.

– Sons of War. His dragon is brown with a silver undertone. He’s obsessed with bringing his evil brother, Garrick, down.

Garrick – Son of War. The villain. His dragon is pure black. He’s obsessed with destroying his brothers and ruling Olympus.

Nikolas – Son of War. The lost brother, so to speak. We met Nik in Ashes of War. He was being held captive by Garrick.

  1. Why do you have the dragons two different colors?
    How long will the series be?
    How often will you be releasing a dragon book?
    What was your inspiration for a dragon series?

    • 1. Each dragon has a base color the second color is like a hue or iridescent type of layer over the other.
      2. I have 7 books planned for the series
      3. That depends on my schedule. I have a lot of great new projects I’m working on. I do have 2 SOWs planned for 2016. 😀
      4. My inspiration comes from my love for dragons and Greek mythology. When I discovered that I can merge the two, a whole world opened up and I’m loving it!

      Thanks for coming by!

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