Happy Sunday! Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday. For those who are new to SSS, it’s like a blog hop where a group of authors shares teasers (usually 6 sentences) from their current releases or works in progress. It’s super fun to follow.


This week’s tantalizing six is from Alpha Challenge, which releases on March 26! Enjoy!


Facing her, he crossed his arms over his chest. “You’re not a sentry.”

She slammed the door hard enough it rattled the few pictures he had on the wall. “I’m responsible for those kids and I have a right to go get them.”

Her blue eyes darkened but he saw the sadness and pain of failing to protect the kids. There was something darker in her depths that mirrored his own fears and failures. He chest tightened and his leopard paced. “Why was Luna so quick to let you join the sentries in the search?”



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