Devil’s Assassin

Lucifer’s War (Book 2)

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Does she have what it takes to be Satan’s assassin?

Lucifer longed for the day Lilith would stand at his side. That day has come.

It’s not all sunshine and hellfire. Together they face a road paved with demon uprisings and betrayal. Fallen angels and High Demons oppose them at every turn.

When Hell’s deadliest souls are released from their sealed prison by Lucifer’s twin brother, Lucifer fears for the safety of his family and all of humanity.

He can easily guess what it is that Sammael seeks. Luckily, the item his brother will stop at nothing to find is safely tucked beyond reach, and Lucifer intends to keep it that way.

For Lilith to grow into her full powers, she must come to terms with the drastic costs involved. Bloodthirst and vengeance are just the beginning.

Being a vampire is difficult enough, but now she must be the devil’s assassin, eliminating the evil that threatens to unleash Hell on Earth.




Chapter One 



The Pit was empty. The darkest souls ever to walk the Earth were free. And under control of my fucking brother. How had I gotten here? All the visions, prophecies, all of that. Nothing warned me this would happen. 

I lashed out with my power, blasting it throughout the levels of Hell. Anyone present would know I’d discovered the souls missing, but I didn’t care. At this point, I wished they’d all attack me. I was angry enough to take on Sammael and all the damn Demon Lords. 

How the fuck could they escape? Better yet, how the fuck did my brother break the magical barrier that seals off the Pit. It was unbreakable. 


Lilith sighed and looked from me to Ezel. The dragon whimpered when she felt my power blast outward, but I didn’t have the spare emotions to worry about the beast. Lilith stepped forward and put a hand on Ezel’s side. “It’s okay,” she whispered. “It’s not your fault.” 

My stomach lurched. “Of course it’s not,” I said. “You’re immensely powerful, but Sammael is still a Fallen Angel. You couldn’t have stopped this.” I guessed I had just a moment for her feelings. She was a loyal servant, after all. 

Ezel let out a rough sound, somewhere between a lament and a growl of anger. Her pain sent waves of rage through me again. I turned toward the opposite side of the pit and walked across the bridge, all too aware of the yawning blackness underneath me that should’ve been filled with the worst of the worst. The blackest, evilest souls in existence. 

When I reached the opposite side, Lilith was there, hot on my trail. My only loyal Demon Lords, Maximus, Nathan, and Karen, had already crossed. “My lord,” Karen said. “We wish permission to go to our domains and make sure all is well there.”  

They were all very jealous and protective of their levels of Hell. They would view a breach as the deepest betrayal. If Sammael wanted to cement any one Lord to my cause, he only needed to meddle in their realms.  

Lilith reached out and grabbed my hand. “What are we going to do about Ezel?” she asked. “She loves being in the pit. It’s her lair.” 

“I know,” I growled. She’d taken her charge of protecting the pit very seriously. She was the last of her kind and preferred solitude to contemplate her plight. 

Fury raced in my veins, fueling my energy as I stormed out, sending out my power to search for the souls. They had to be there, somewhere. They couldn’t leave Hell. Only two beings could: Lilith and me. It also should’ve been impossible for them to hide from me within Hell, but Sammael had already proven he could do that for himself. Why not all the souls? 

I was supposed to be the most powerful creature anywhere. Losing the power of the scrolls had weakened me considerably. Without using my triplets, I felt damn near weak.