Wolf Ranch, Book Four

Coming January, 2023

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Kourtney wasn’t sure what to expect when she showed up unannounced at the Kelmount ranch. She knew that her surprise would be a shock to the whole family, but she had no idea how Logan would react. After all, they had only shared a brief fling last year that left her with more than just memories. A baby girl.

Now she was back, with their daughter in tow, and she needed his help. She is being pursued by a fellow witch who wants her child because of her unique heritage, and she the protection of Emma’s pack.

Logan is stunned to see her again, but he quickly steps up to defend his family. As they worked together to keep their daughter safe, Logan starts to realize that he has found his true mate.

Suspense builds as the dark witch closes in on Kourtney and Emma. Will Logan be able to protect them?