Reconcilable Claim, Book One

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Sawyer Kelmount’s destiny is at the head of the pack, but becoming Alpha was supposed to happen much later in his life. Grieving the loss of his father forces him to slowly accept his new responsibilities, but as he steps up to lead the others on Wolf Ranch, he’s haunted by his loneliness and the mistakes of his past. Surely this would all be easier to accept if his mate were still here.

Erika Morrison is happy with her life in L.A., but when she learns that Sawyer’s father has passed away, she dutifully makes the trip home to Wolf Ranch to attend the funeral. Expecting Sawyer to be as distant and aloof as always, Erika is surprised that the new pack Alpha wants her help with the ranch’s finances. And being near him again sparks the embers of an old flame that never really burned out.

As Erika sorts through the books for Sawyer to figure out what’s really going on, one phone call forces her to make a difficult decision: return to L.A. or stay on Wolf Ranch and work things out with Sawyer once and for all.

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Protecting His Claim, Book Two

Coming September, 2022

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When wolf shifter Carson Kelmount first lays eyes on Grace Watson, he knows she is his fated mate. There is an instant connection between them that is undeniable and hard to fight. He wants nothing more than to keep Grace safe. But she is guarded and stubbornly refuses his help.

Though Grace tries to fight the mating urge, she can’t help but be drawn to Carson. He seems to be everything she’s ever wanted in a mate. A cowboy with a heart of gold with an alpha wolf inside him.

However, Grace has a secret. She can’t stay in one place for more than a few weeks before she has to leave again. It’s become a way of life for her. Always looking over her shoulder, never knowing who to trust. But Carson makes her question everything she thought she knew about survival.

Time is running out. And she needs to find a way to come up with the money to pay her mom’s debt–fast.

Can Carson convince Grace to let him in? And will they be able to overcome the challenges that stand in their way?


Staking Claim, Book Three

Coming November, 2022

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Noah Ramos is on the run from his past, and he’s hoping to start fresh at the Kelmount Ranch as their new ranch manager. When he meets Bailey, the Alpha’s sister, he knows she’s his mate. But Bailey is hesitant to get involved with a lone wolf, especially one with a shadowy past.

As Noah and Bailey get to know each other, they can’t deny the strong attraction between them. But just as they’re starting to explore their relationship, Noah’s ex-girlfriend arrives, determined to win him back. She’ll stop at nothing to get rid of Bailey, even if it means putting the whole ranch in danger.

With romance blossoming and suspense mounting, Noah and Bailey will have to fight for their happy ending. Can they overcome the obstacles in their way and find lasting love?


Family Claim, Book Four

Coming January, 2023

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Kourtney wasn’t sure what to expect when she showed up unannounced at the Kelmount ranch. She knew that her surprise would be a shock to the whole family, but she had no idea how Logan would react. After all, they had only shared a brief fling last year that left her with more than just memories. A baby girl.

Now she was back, with their daughter in tow, and she needed his help. She is being pursued by a fellow witch who wants her child because of her unique heritage, and she the protection of Emma’s pack.

Logan is stunned to see her again, but he quickly steps up to defend his family. As they worked together to keep their daughter safe, Logan starts to realize that he has found his true mate.

Suspense builds as the dark witch closes in on Kourtney and Emma. Will Logan be able to protect them?