Cookies for Satan

Witching After Forty (Novella)

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Part-time bookstore clerk, part-time author, necromancer in training, and full-time
caretaker of a ghoul are titles that Ava Harper never dreamed of applying to herself.

Even with all the crazy going on around her, she’s determined to make this Christmas
as normal as possible—without raising the dead or some other fiasco.

When her best friend’s wife comes up with the idea to throw a community-wide holiday
party, Ava is all in. After all, the holidays have been a dark time for her ever since her
husband died. This year will be different. She has a new start in life with family and
friends, new and old.

Then someone has the bright idea to conjure the real Saint Nick to surprise the kids. But
the surprise is on Ava when the spell goes wrong and she summons the devil himself.

Christmas in Shipton Harbor will never be the same again.