Happy Saturday! I thought I’d pop in with a special giveaway. I have FIVE paperback copies of A Beary Sweet Holiday AND my new adult coloring book, Color Creations: Creature Comforters.

All you have to do is share this post and comment below with your favorite Holiday family traditions.

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  1. I have several… baking the yule log cake and making festive ice lanterns on the night before the Solstice. Eating a massive seafood feast and watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve… 🙂 Happy holidays, Lia!

  2. Having Christmas Eve at my parents. Having all the family in one spot together, opening gifts, eating food and going to Church.

  3. My favorite Christmas tradition is my family all get together for dinner. No matter where they are my kids come home for Christmas.

  4. on Christmas Eve I make pizza for my daughter and her family at my apartment and we have Christmas and then on Christmas Day I go to their house and have Christmas dinner with them and open more presents. the kids love it because they get presents twice.

  5. One of my favorite holiday traditions we started when I got married, has now extended to friends as well. We live outside of NYC. What is one of the major draws during Christmas time? The tree at Rockefeller Center. You can imagine the crowds. We gather a group into our van and start to head in about 10pm to see the tree. We usually find parking in the street. The crowds are less and we get our photos. To continue our adventure,with our list in hand, my husband drives us around Manhattan to look at all of the decorated store windows. The ladies and I jump out of the car to look while my husband sits waiting for us to finish. My husband also makes sure that the cooler in the van is filled with soda and water in case we are thirsty. Everyone has a ball.

  6. One of my favorite traditions is my sisters and I still get together with all the kids to make homemade sugar cookies. It is fun and the kids have a blast cutting and decorating the cookies.

  7. We have two things we do every year, first all the children get to open a present from under the tree on Christmas Eve and then we either sing Christmas songs or watch The Polar Express movie. Then on Christmas Day we all get up have a great family breakfast then we open presents, play and have fun then for lunch and dinner we have a giant ham with all the trimmings, even our pets get a small dinner plate with meat on it. We have a wonderful time.

  8. I used to have a lot but then all my kids moved away so all that is left we go to my in laws and watch the younger kids open some gifts and she makes Italian beefs. Each year that is getting smaller too as everyone grows up and gets their families.

  9. My mom, sister and I always save one or two gifts for Christmas Eve, and just spend the whole day in the mall and getting lunch. We’ve been doing in for years. Once I’m home, my husband and I work on the prep for Christmas dinner, then let the kids open one present early. Christmas day the whole family gets together at our house for dinner and to exchange gifts. At some point before Christmas we take my mom and go look at Christmas lights. I may be 29 (AT least in my heart! ) but I still love to see all the decorations! The most important thing is having the family together!

  10. Being blessed to be with the ones you love!
    We never had any real traditions other then the entire family gathering at mom and dads.

  11. One tradition is going on today,I host a get-together for family and friends we don’t see on Christmas. Hubby and i do ALL the meats and cookies. Another tradition i started when all babies were born is giving Hallmark Ornaments to each child. All children in family are in 20’s now and they really appreciate Ornaments now. Shared

  12. i love decoratings teh tree together in family and sharing memories of those who left us teh ornaments it’s a great way to keep them with us even if they left us long ago

  13. Every year the week before Christmas, family and friends participate in a Christmas Tree Hop, Depending on # participating is how many visits each day. But we start at the first house and every one admires the tree, has a snack or drink, and sings the Christmas Carol that the person whose house we are at chose. and then on to the next. On Christmas Eve eve we go to the last house on the list and then leave from there and go to pre-selected neighborhoods to look at decorations. We started this tradition because it seemed that every year everyone got busier and busier and we never slowed down to enjoy the holiday.

  14. We have always done a special Christmas Eve. We will open gifts from extended family and have shrimp cocktail and cheese balls. We all decorate the tree and bake and decorate cookies.

  15. We start out with making cookies a few weeks before Christmas. Then we go to one grandma’s for Christmas eve, Christmas morning at home, and the other grandma’s in the afternoon. Sometimes we travel, but not always…

  16. Our fav holiday tradition is to enjoy the local theme parks. Our must-dos are the decorations at Disney and Grinchmas and the Macy’s Parade at Universal.

  17. Make Black Bottom Cupcakes and butter cookes. Dale and I hiding the pickle on the x-mas tree (an old Germany tradition).

  18. Since we were kids our tradition has always been to get together on Christmas Eve have dinner talk then go out riding in the car looking at all the Christmas lights. When we got back we had always just missed Santa but all our presents were there so we opened them. I guess my dad was always to anxious and couldn’t wait for Christmas morning. Lol this will be first year without both the parents as they passed away in June both of them and we’re not exchanging gifts but I hope we keep up some of the traditions.

  19. Decorating the Christmas tree with the family, and doing Christmas dinner..Oh and the stocking are open Christmas Eve night then we watch a Christmas movie together..but one thing I do is watch White Christmas that is me tho, the rest of the family don’t understand why I watch such a old movie but it is a classic and should be watched.

  20. I shared it lots of places. And will more when i get done.
    We carry on my mom’s traditions throughout out the generations… My mom started with her children. Decorating the house and trimming the tree Christmas Eve. All while listening to Christmas Music and having homemade baked cookies we baked the day before. Then we would leave the Christmas tree lit and all the Christmas lights in the windows on all night. And as kids go we got our parents awake by screaming in the living room that Santa Came.Mom and dad didnt get mad . Mom put on coffee and dad started to hand out gifts.
    And to this day we followed her traditions. She passed 4 years ago so the family comes here to my place. We do everything she did. The only thing is my brother goes home with his daughter. My two married daughters go home with their children. And they get to be woke up at 4:00 that Santa was there. My husband leave the tree and window lights on and sleep in. When we get up we have coffee and exchange our gifts.. And then we stop at my daughters houses and drop off Christmas Gifts there and have some hot chocolate…We have a perfect 3 day Christmas and we wouldn’t change it.

  21. Thanks for the chance. This was a sweet story and I know I’ll be doing rereads of it in the future and I love your adult coloring book. I’ve been eyeing one for myself for awhile now, but haven’t gotten one yet. I shared this post and tagged you. My favorite holiday family tradition is actually one we just started last year. My husband and I, his younger brother and his family, and his youngest brother meet at their Stepdad and Mom’s one Friday night a few weeks before Christmas. We hang out, eat dinner, talk, laugh, listen to music, and decorate their tree and living room for Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  22. I love reading everyone’s holiday traditions. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Congrats to the winners, Chelle, Miki, Theresa Esterline, Wanda Myhue, and Eva Millien! I’ll be emailing each of you shortly so be sure to check your inboxes.

    Happy Holidays and merry Solstice!

  23. Even though we go to the in laws house I love decorating the tree, candy making gift wrapping and the smell of the fire in the fireplace over there!

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