Kerry and I are super excited about this series. We’ve been plotting, researching, and laughing for months to create this amazing world of Gothic romance. Now we get to share it with you.

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Cursed in Stone, a Gothic Romance series from Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne

Constantine De La Fontaine fought in the Third Crusade, certain he was on the side of the righteous. After being wounded in battle, he’s tended to by the beautiful and mysterious Amara, a woman who’s hiding a dangerous secret. She’s the caliph’s daughter, and he’s promised her hand in marriage to the demon who’s made him powerful. Con and Amara’s love is white hot, but forbidden. When the demon finds out about their tryst, he lashes out in a jealous rage, cursing both to live out eternity in their own personal hells.

For centuries, Con lives as a gargoyle, cursed in stone and destined to watch others find love, with no knowledge of Amara’s fate. Able to take human form only during the three nights of the full moon, he wanders the streets of the cities the curse transports him to, lost and broken hearted. Then, a whisper on the wind and a magical pull to a gemstone gives him new hope for breaking his curse and finding out what’s happened to his lost love. A cloaked figure, an ancient tome, and more gemstones slowly begin to help him unravel the mystery of his curse—and possibly his freedom.


Kerry and I are over at the USA Today HEA blog answering some questions about writing the series together. CLICK HERE to check it out and find out how the series came about.


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