Happy Tuesday! I have an unedited teaser from Their Royal Ash (Once Upon a Harem), coming 5/22. Enjoy!



I sagged into Elion. “What’s going to happen?”

He turned me to face him. His sensual mouth lifted in a one-sided smirk. “There will be some spying, a kick-ass battle where the King is killed, and a ball. But not necessary in that order.”

Even though his tone was light and playful, I sensed a darkness within him. One that had always been there. I understood it. It was the same I carried. A result of years of abuse from a man that was supposed to protect and love us.

“What happens after the King is dead?”

Elion’s smirk turned into a full, beautifully wicked smile. “Conell becomes King and the six of us live happily ever after.”

“The six of us?”

“I see the vampire has withheld information. The five of us has agreed to share you.”