I wanted to give a shoutout to Christ Ann and the release of her workplace romance, Coffee Temptations.

Coffee Temptation

By Christa Ann


Coffee shop owner, Nathan Reid decides to expand the business by adding sandwiches to the menu. However, his longtime employee, and close family friend, Ms. Carol tells him she’s retiring and has hired a replacement.


There’s just one problem. His new shop manager is the gorgeous woman who has been running through his mind since they met at the store a few days before. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and she was now his employee.


After losing her job at Sam’s Sandwich, Amelia Sinclair took her son and moved back home to be closer to her parents. By a stroke of luck, she was able to get the job working at Reid’s Coffee Shop. But she didn’t expect to see the sexy man from the store sitting behind the desk as the owner of the shop she now worked for.


The attraction between them continued to build, but there were just so many reasons a relationship wouldn’t work. Nathan couldn’t look past the age difference. Amelia couldn’t look past him being her boss, and she had her son to think about also.


Could both Nathan and Amelia get out of their comfort zone in order to find happiness?


There’s only one way to find out.


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