2018 was one of those years I’d rather forget ever happened. There were too many set backs, too many days my depression pulled me down into the black hole of doubt, and too many failures and disappointments. I’ve fell apart way too much. But one thing I didn’t do was give up. I refused to lay in the dark hole more than was necessary.

I sat down this morning and asked myself, “What did you accomplish in 2018?” Out of all the dark days and challenges, there were positive moments and I realized I didn’t completely fail in 2018.

I published 14 books in 2018, 9 of those were new releases. AND I wrote 223,404 words!

It’s good to see those stats because I didn’t think I wrote that much. It also tells me that 2019 will be amazing. The new year will be about organizing, focusing, and building. It will be filled with more books from the Ashwood Falls worlds, Dark Scales Division, Coven’s End, Witches of Rose Lake and few other surprises.

Have a safe New Years Eve, and lots of happiest and love in 2019!