Ash materialized inside her townhouse, her heart still stuttering and her body flushed from being so close to Ty. Gods, he looked good, and his scent… It clung to her, seeping into her mind and skin. Tamping down rising desire, she walked to the fridge and jerked it open to grab a bottle of water.

What she was about to do went against all logic of being Ty’s judge and jury, however, Ash couldn’t see any other way to prove his innocence in regard to Elizabeth’s death. No one in Olympus could tell her anything other than he had done it. Yet, Ash’s gut told her there was more to the story, secrets the gods didn’t want to reveal.

Her mother’s words rang inside her head. Seduce the dragon if you must. Either way, he will face judgment in seven days.

A heavy knock sounded on the door, making her jump. Squeezing her eyes shut, she took a deep breath then pushed off the counter. She yanked the door open and strode to the living room, allowing Ty to follow her inside the townhouse. Her hands shook, but it wasn’t from fear. No, she didn’t fear him. She wanted him so badly it hurt to be close to him.

Her only explanation for the reaction was she’d lost her edge, or perhaps she was just losing her mind. “Would you like a beer?” she asked, peeking over her shoulder.

He shook his head and crossed his arms over his broad chest, pulling his long sleeved shirt tighter against his muscles. “What do you need to talk to me about?”

She held her tongue like she’d done at the ruins of Garrick’s lab. Fighting with Ty would only make her job more difficult. She needed his trust and cooperation.

Even though she could sense the darkness within him, she also picked up on his light—the little inner peace he clung to. Meeting his stare, she said, “I need your help, but I know you don’t trust me.”

The muscles in his temples flexed. “I trust no one but my brothers.”

Yes, she’d known that. Steeling her back, she stared into the dark lenses of the shades he always wore. “My true mission is to find Elizabeth’s killer and pass judgment.”

He didn’t move, just stood there staring at her through those damned shades. “Why are you telling me?”

She closed her eyes briefly before she sat on the sofa facing him. “I need you to trust me and help me. Lying to you about my true purpose would give you more reason not to trust me. I also need you to believe I’m on your side.”

He let out a humorless laugh and unfolded his arms. “So coming clean is supposed to make me trust you? You have to earn my trust, female.”

She didn’t need this shit. She stood, stepped into his space, and glared into the lenses of his shades. “Fine, then. You can leave. I’ll get my answers from Garrick instead.”

She pushed past him, but he stopped her by grabbing her upper arm. Then he leaned close, his lips barely brushing her ear. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you.”

“I can’t work with someone who doesn’t trust me.”

She swore she saw the corner of his lips twitch before he said, “I learned a long time ago that the people closest to you can screw you, so don’t take it personally.”

Jerking her arm free from his grasp, she walked to the refrigerator and pulled out two beers. She rounded the corner and ran into Ty. He slid his hands up her arms and held her in place. For a moment, she couldn’t breathe. The intensity of his sage scent and the power surrounding him made her weak in the knees and heat pooled between her legs.

A dark brow rose over the top rim of his shades. “We have to take care of one small issue first.”

She swallowed, hating the weakness this man and his damn dragon created in her. “What’s that?”

He pressed his cheek to hers, bit lightly on her ear lobe, and whispered. “I want to fuck you until you scream.”

Well, damn.