For those of you who are subscripted to my newsletter, you got this update last week. I wanted to post the update here as well, for anyone who might have missed it.

My summer is busy. I’m working hard on many projects. But the biggest change over the last month is taking a writing/outlining job. This will help ease some the financial stresses I’ve been having and set me on the right path to continue to do what I love — write amazing stories for all of you!

Yes, this does mean I’ll have to move things around again. I know this doesn’t sit well with many readers and maybe come off as breaking your trust in me. But I promise I’ll get my shit together very soon. * grins *

The first change will be to move the release dates for the last two Witches of Rose Lake books to later this year or early next year. If you preordered them you will get a noted from Amazon that the date was moved. I will move them out to March and April of 2020. BUT if I get them completed before then, then I may hit publish early. I’ll have to see how things go over the next six months.

Next, Mating Chaos (Ashwood Falls book 11)! I will be moving this date UP. MC will release in earlier October and will go up for preorder soon.

Dragons of Ares – I’ve been getting a lot of messages about when Seth’s book will be out. There are about three more books left in the series. My goal is to finish out the series in 2020.

My goal with these changes is to finish two series next year so I can move forward with brand new worlds and to continue with the Wolves of Whiskey Hollow, which will be rebranded with new covers mainly because the artist is no longer doing covers.

Another question I’ve gotten that I thought everyone would like to know the answer to is, how long with the Academy Rise books be?  AR trilogy books will be novel-length at 50,000 + words.

AND the Collective World will get one trilogy that surrounds Lilith and Lucifer’s story.

Thank you so much for being awesome fans! I love you guys!


My release schedule for the rest of 2019

July 31 – Hell Fire (Academy Rise 1)

August – Dark Waters (Academy Rise 2)

September – Dead Air (Academy Rise 3)

October – Mating Chaos (Ashwood Falls 11)

No releases in November or December.