A Fate for Zeus (Gods of Olympus Book 10)

Gods of Olympus, book 10

Release Date: March 20, 2018

Genre: Romance, Mythology, Fantasy

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Evil escapes the fiery pits of Tartarus and Zeus is the only one who can recover the Stone of Affliction before life on Earth is destroyed. He sets up residence in a small Pacific Northwest town in hopes of finding the priceless stone. When its guardian is killed, the stone is passed to another—a beautiful demi-goddess who has no idea that the pendant she wears around her neck has marked her as the killer’s next target.

After watching her mother die in her arms, Jordan Knox isn’t sure how she’s going to pick up the pieces. When the handsome fireman who pulled her and her mom out of the burning house asks her to dinner, she figures it wouldn’t hurt. After all, he did save her life. But their first date doesn’t go as she hoped. An odd sensation nips at her intuition, telling her he is not what he seems.

Turns out, her fireman isn’t a fireman. He’s Zeus, King of the Gods, and he claims he’s the only one who can keep her safe.

And there is a dragon out for blood. Her blood.