Cornellis Island 

An otterly Scheme Book 1

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Summer Rigby has been contemplating her life choices lately. Her dad comes from a family of witches, but her mother wants her to take over her family’s bar. In a way, it’s as important of a legacy as the witchcraft.

But is it really what she wants to do?

While walking along the beach, Summer is hit with a powerful premonition, one she can’t help but act on. Brandi Best must move to Cornellis Island, Summer must take over her mother’s bar, and Summer is the one who is tasked with making these things happen.

So much for Summer’s wants and needs. Her life is going in a direction she can’t control, but it’s not all bad. At least she has her elderly bestie, Maggie, and her visions keep life interesting.

On to the next adventure.

An Otterly Secret Scheme was formerly published as Ale and Adventures.

An Otterly Ridiculous Riddle Book 2

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Brandi Best has nothing tying her down. Nothing keeping her in Arizona. No kids, no husband, and her parents passed away years ago. When she finds out a town in Ireland will actually pay her to move there? Why not spend the second half of her life in a gorgeous country by the sea?

But things aren’t all that they seem.

In preparing to move, Brandi discovers some big secrets about herself and her parents. First and foremost, that she’s adopted. And then she finds a journal written in her father’s handwriting claiming Brandi was found in that same Irish town she’s heading too.

Is it a coincidence, or something more?

Still, starting over is everything she hoped for and more. An exotic location, new friends, and new adventures working in the local bar. Things are going really well… until she falls into the ocean. Touching salt water for the first time does something to her. Something… fishy.

And her life gets even more confusing when she meets the handsome descendant of a pirate who swears he can help her find the truth about her past. All it’ll take? More adventure. More danger. And a hunt for an incredible treasure.
Brandi doesn’t know what to believe, but she’s going to have to figure something out soon, or she’s going to have one whopper of a 
tail to tell.

An Otterly Ridiculous Riddle was formerly published as Tequila and Treasure.

Onyx Interruptions Book 2

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Brandi Best went on an adventure to discover the truth, and boy, did she discover more than she ever intended to…

Apparently, she’s a mermaid. You heard me right. Not just a mother, a woman in her midlife, and a brand-new waitress at a bar, but a bonified mermaid with a tail. As much fun as it might sound to spend her days swimming around her small town, something dark is lurking under the surface of Cornellis Island.

And that something is coming for her.

With new friends by her side, humorous neighbors, and a few troublemaking animals, Brandi has her hands full. Discovering the secrets that cloud her past, no matter how dangerous, is her priority. And with friends like hers, they can’t get into that much trouble.

Can they?

An Otterly Laughable Lie was formerly published as Vodka and Voyages.