Sisters Of the stones  

Citrine Wishes Book 1

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It’s inappropriate to wish for your ex-husband to be run over by a truck. 

Same goes for dressmakers, flower delivery people, and snotty little hotel concierges who mess up room reservations. But I don’t care. I’m not too proud to admit my daughter’s wedding has me stressed out.

There must be a thousand things that require my attention, but it’s impossible to be productive when all I can think about is the deep ache of my loneliness and the boiling rage I feel every time I look at my ex and his bimbo-of-the-week. 

I’m trying to pull it together, but everything that can go wrong has. I just need a break and a little pick-me-up. An afternoon getting lost in the local market should do the trick. 

That’s when a pirate’s loss becomes my gain. My strange and beautiful new trinket is anything but ordinary. And suddenly everything in my life is falling into place. 

You know what they say about wishes? It’s best to be careful when making them. If you don’t know the difference between what you want and what you need, the consequences could be hilarious. 

Or deadly. 

Sapphire Omens Book 2

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If you wish you knew what people thought of you, to be frank, you’re a fool.

I burned a lot of bridges when I fell from fame. Not only did I embarrass myself in front of the world, but my tell-all book ruined any chance I had to fix things. And why? All because of a cheating husband and a best friend who betrayed me.

It wasn’t worth it. But some things happen for a reason because without my fall from fame, I never would have met Nicky. He loves me for me, and our simple life is pretty close to perfect.

When I receive a letter, a chance to step back into Hollywood, to open doors I thought were closed, and possibly regain some of my wealth and fame, I should run the other way.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not that smart. I thought I could fix my old reputation. I thought I could show everyone I’d changed.
I was a fool. The moment I put on a beautiful necklace straight from a pirate’s treasure, I can hear the terrible thoughts from everyone around me. I might just crack. Again. Once upon a time I started over, can I really do it again? Or will my greed end to the worst loss of all, that of the man I love?

Onyx Interruptions Book 2

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Time stops for no man, but with a little luck and a little onyx, it’ll stop for a woman.

Dr. Ember Thorn doesn’t have time to drop everything to take a worthless piece of onyx back to some random Caribbean island because her mother broke a hip and can’t do it herself. It can wait.

So, it waits. And waits. It waits until Ember’s life goes a bit wonky. She loses her boyfriend, her job, and her house ends up full of raw sewage.

Well, okay, then. No reason not to go reset in the Caribbean. She hops the next plane out and ends up seated beside the man who made sure she lost her job.

He had some justification. Ember was the one who sent his very much alive father to the morgue. Don’t freak out. It’s not like it was intentional, and the man didn’t even end up being refrigerated. It was a simple mistake and nobody was injured. Not physically… the not-dead guy may need some therapy.

On island time, things aren’t looking up. The airline lost her luggage, then when she gets to the island, she’s thrown from the boat by an over-zealous driver—and her pig.

Just as she’s about to drink herself into oblivion, she spots Delilah Bradbury, actress, icon, and movie director. Ember strikes up a conversation—she’s Delilah’s biggest fan, Oh Em Gee!—and her luck finally changes. By some island miracle, Ember ends up with the lead role in the upcoming movie about a pirate, a witch, and a trio of magical jewels.

It’s not that easy. Things are never that easy. Nothing is what it seems on Pararey Island. Thanks to Renegade Remington and the love of his life, Ariyah, who are dying—not literally, they’re already dead—to tell their story, maybe true love will prevail for all of them.

SOS Complete Series 

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Sisterhood of the Stones is a delightfully funny complete paranormal series about three women thrown together by cursed stones: Citrine, Sapphire, and Onyx. The series is light on the paranormal, light on the romance, and heavy on the hilarious.

The legend of the stones claims that there was a pirate and a witch who shared an undying love, but something went wrong. What? It’s unclear.

Fast forward a few years and Cami, Delilah, and Dr. Ember Thorn must work together to solve the unanswered mystery of Renegade Remington and the love of his life, Ariyah, or be cursed by the stones forever.

Along the way, if they’re open to it and very lucky, perhaps the ladies might find the loves of their lives, lasting friendship, and oh yeah, one very lovable pig.

Citrine Wishes:
It’s inappropriate to wish for your ex-husband to be run over by a truck.
Sapphire Omens:
If you wish you knew what people thought of you, to be frank, you’re a fool.
Onyx Interruptions:
Time stops for no man, but with a little luck and a little onyx, it’ll stop for a woman.