Blurb and Synopsis Writing

We all struggle with writing blurbs, but they are an important part of selling your story. Summarizing a novel in 3 or fewer paragraphs can be overwhelming.

We are here to help. Simply CLICK HERE to fill out the questionnaire with as much detail as you can, and we’ll write a professional, marketable blurb for you.

Book Blurb up to 300 words – $50
Tagline/sales pitch (10-20 words) – $20
Author Bio (long and short versions) – $75

Additional Services:

Synopsis (2-5 page summary of the book from start to finish) – $75

Outlining services:
Basic outlines with 4-5 bullet points per chapter start at $75
Detailed outlines (300-400 word summary of each chapter plus light world building) start at $150

Series world building and bible setup – $100

See the World Building and Outline Page for more details

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Delivery fees:
Standard turn around time is 7 days. – Free
2 day Rush turn around – $20
1 day rush turn around – $40

Terms and conditions
L&L has the right to refuse a project without reason.
We do not accept any works with the following:
* Pedophilia or children involved in sexual situations
* incest, rape, bestiality
* animal cruelty

Payment Terms:
All payments are do upon receipt of invoice via Paypal.
No refunds for services rendered.