The Randi Sanderson Series

Rise of the Shade, Book One

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Murder is a game that Randi Sanderson knows far too well, but at least she’s playing on the right side of the law. Being half-archangel and half-vampire makes her one of Jacksonville Sheriff Office’s best detectives and a suspect’s worst nightmare.

When she arrives at the scene of her next case, it’s obvious this murder isn’t a typical human crime of passion or rage. As a powerful hybrid, Randi can sense something is off, and not just because the body was dumped in a church parking lot. Luckily, her many gifts include the ability to dig up dirt on anyone.

This time, getting to work won’t be so simple. Surprised by a new partner, Randi knows her life is about to get a little more complicated. There’s a reason she doesn’t work with others. To the outside world, she’s just a police detective and single mom, but the reality is she has a secret identity to keep.

With the case taking a dark turn and her new partner obviously keeping secrets of his own, the last thing Randi needs is more trouble. So when the angelic and demonic factions start bidding to hire her to kill other supernatural beings just like herself, she patently refuses. The rogue hybrids known as The Shade are none of her concern, and she isn’t interested in becoming an assassin.

But when she finds herself in the middle of her own case with The Shade coming for her, she must reconsider. The half-angel, half-demon miscreants won’t stop until they’re dead or they have what they truly want:  Randi’s son.

Magic Betrays, Book Two

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War is brewing. One rogue outfit inspires fear in both Heaven and Hell alike. The Shade. A group of half-angel, half-demon malcontents bent on domination over the middle. But first, they’ll have to deal with Jacksonville’s lead detective, Randi Sanderson. 

A hybrid herself, Randi distanced herself from the magical world, content to live and work among humans. However, after she barely managed to save her own son from the grip of Shade operatives, she’s prepared to dive back into the supernatural underbelly — and tear it apart.

Hell’s no place for a kid, but without safer alternatives, Randi lets her father take her son into hiding while she deals with the Shade threat to her family. Rage fuels her vengeance, but it’s gotten her into trouble before. Helping keep her cool, partner Cash Bennett, a fallen angel, provides a healing touch to soothe her tumultuous anger. 

Together, they face growing upheaval in Jacksonville’s paranormal community. Another murder bears the tell-tale signs of Shade interference. A young man is beaten to death. His twin sister barely survives, and what’s left of her psyche is fractured by malicious, infernal magic, causing her to act out. When she runs, Randi and Cash race against time to uncover a Shade plot that seems to grow in scope at every turn.

Corruption, spies, assassins, and tight-lipped witnesses plague their investigation, but Randi and Cash face off against all comers. As Cash helps Randi tap into her angelic abilities, their partnership blossoms, as well as a simmering romance threatening to boil over — much to the chagrin of a distant observer poised to return… 



Death Lies, Book Three

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While her son’s safety still remains priority number one, detective Randi Sanderson is locked in a seemingly never-ending battle against Tabas Stone and the half-angel, half-demon gangsters known as the Shade. Eager to eliminate Randi and her allies once and for all, the Shade leader enlists the help of a chaotic ancient demon with the swagger of a rock god and the mind of a lunatic. But Vassago isn’t the type of demon to stick to a plan, and before he can successfully eradicate the Vampire Council he’s wreaking havoc all across the city.

Unfortunately for Randi, Stone, and his hired demon are just the beginning. Things are heating up between her and Cash, so why wouldn’t her ex, Kalon, decide to come back from the grave? She’s grateful to add another powerful fighter to her alliance, but the price to pay is pretty steep. Dealing with the clash of egos only causes headaches, and Randi doesn’t have the time to struggle against the tug-of-war game these two want to play in the name of winning her affections.

Just when things couldn’t possibly get messier, news of an unholy alliance between Heaven and Hell arrives, and it’s not good for the Shade. Randi should embrace the divine plan, but she has plenty of reason to fear the father of her child could get caught in the fray.

How long can she keep Kalon a secret while she tries to handle the Shade on her own? Not very, if the new hybrid investigator or the endless unwanted media attention have anything to say about it. The heat is on in Jacksonville and it’s quickly becoming evident that Randi’s plate has never been fuller. It’s a good thing she’s hungry…for vengeance.



Reality Bites, Book Four

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In the wake of Vassago’s deadly game, Randi endures a lull almost worse than another tango with Stone. Her paranoia feeds on the quiet, filling the silence with fears of Shade reprisal. Sure, the Vampire Council is rebuilding, her once-dead husband has come home, and she’s got time again to spend with her son, Logan.

But what are her enemies up to?

It doesn’t help matters when her new friend, Misty Drake, reports fractures in the unholy alliance that point to possible Shade spies. And then there’s the dead John Doe case, which seemed at first to be a garden variety mob hit but reveals magical connections.

When the investigation dovetails with Shade machinations, Randi slowly uncovers Stone’s biggest plot yet. But Shade spies and secret agents abound, thwarting Randi at every turn. Attacks, betrayals, subterfuge, and a hurricane brewing off the coast of Florida conspire to try and defeat Randi and her coalition of the middle. When the storm makes landfall, Armageddon comes to Jacksonville. With the help of her two lovers, Cash and Kalon, as well as new allies and old friends, Randi prepares to make the final stand.

The last chapter in the Shade saga packs a punch of apocalyptic proportions. The ultimate battle for the middle unfolds in an epic and emotional climax that will put Randi Sanderson’s strength, heart, and soul to the test.