Reality Bites


Randi Sanderson Series Book 4


The end is near.

In the wake of Vassago’s deadly game, Randi endures a lull almost worse than another tango with Stone. Her paranoia feeds on the quiet, filling the silence with fears of Shade reprisal. Sure, the Vampire Council is rebuilding, her once-dead husband has come home, and she’s got time again to spend with her son, Logan.

But what are her enemies up to?

It doesn’t help matters when her new friend, Misty Drake, reports fractures in the unholy alliance that point to possible Shade spies. And then there’s the dead John Doe case, which seemed at first to be a garden variety mob hit but reveals magical connections.

When the investigation dovetails with Shade machinations, Randi slowly uncovers Stone’s biggest plot yet. But Shade spies and secret agents abound, thwarting Randi at every turn. Attacks, betrayals, subterfuge, and a hurricane brewing off the coast of Florida conspire to try and defeat Randi and her coalition of the middle.

When the storm makes landfall, Armageddon comes to Jacksonville. With the help of her two lovers, Cash and Kalon, as well as new allies and old friends, Randi prepares to make the final stand.

The last chapter in the Shade saga packs a punch of apocalyptic proportions. The ultimate battle for the middle unfolds in an epic and emotional climax that will put Randi Sanderson’s strength, heart, and soul to the test. 


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