Mating Chaos

Shifters of Ashwood Falls Book 11

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As pack Beta, Dane Raines has seen far too much pain and death. But with war on the horizon yet again, thanks to the new Alpha of Onyx, Dane will have to work twice as hard with the other Ashwood Falls leaders to ensure the safety of his pack. The last thing he needs at a time like this is a complication like Jasmine.

Jasmine Russel’s life is chaos. Between her first full-time job running the family bar, and her second full-time job caring for her trouble-making twin brothers, she never slows down and she’s always on edge. The prospect of another war only adds to her life of turmoil. She’s determined to keep what’s left of her family safe no matter what the future holds, and that means keeping Dane as far away as possible.

Yet the unavoidable truth for all wolves is that once a mate is found, the bond cannot be denied. Dane is tired of waiting, standing on the sidelines with nothing more than Jasmine’s excuses to keep them apart. With everything on the line, he’s prepared to claim his rightful mate once and for all, even if that means mating chaos.



She eyed him suspiciously. “What?” 

He stepped closer, pinning her to the wall. Her heartbeat increased and fought the urge to touch him. When he lowered his head to hers, she almost groaned. His woodsy scent enveloped her, wetting her panties. Damn him.  

“Have dinner with me tomorrow night.” His voice was thick with desire and she realized at that moment he was tired of waiting on her. 

“I can’t. I have to make sure the boys do their homework and I’m working.” It was the truth even though it sounds like excuses. 

“Then I’ll bring you takeout at your place.” 

She snorted. “We live in the mountains. The closest take out is an hour drive.” 

“I’ll bring you cold take out and we can warm it up.” 

Gods help her. She shook her head, and he closed the small gap between them, pressing his body to hers. “I can come up tonight and bake you a cake, naked.” 

The image of his naked body flashed in her mind and she gripped his shirt in her hands. She breathed in his scent. It was so hard to push him away when she wanted him so bad. “Why are you doing this?” 

“Because you are mine.” He nuzzled her neck and she whimpered. 

“I can’t…” 

He bit down on her ear, stopping her words. Then he lifted his head to stare into her eyes. “I know what I’m getting into. Those boys look up to me and know one day you and I will be mated. Putting it off is only make me want you more.” 

Stubborn male. The fact that she was growing tired of running concerned her. “Fine.” She poked him in the chest. “Come up for desert, but I’ll be in my pajamas with my hair down and messy. I want to date before we bond. Take me out, which most cases will include the boys so you can see exactly what you are signing up for.” 

He captured her mouth in a searing, raw kiss. Passion exploded in her mind and her core. Threading her fingers into his hair, she pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. His tongue dipped inside her mouth and tangled with hers. He tasted of beer and male. 

With her free hand, she slid it underneath his shirt so she could feel his heated skin. Damn him. He made her want things that were impossible. 

Dane broke the kiss and stared down at her. “I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” 

She nodded. When he walked away, she sagged against the wall, her heart hammering inside her. After a few moments, she escaped the bar to her apartment on the second floor. There was no way she could face him again in public that night. 

She needed a cold shower and a drink.