Moon Kissed

MoonKissed SmallShifting Magick Trilogy, book 2

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Audrey Kelly has given up. As the middle sister, she is required to mate with a male kissed by the gods in order to break her part of the Kelly curse. An impossible task, even for a witch. However, when her older sister mates with a descendant of the moon goddess, Audrey’s hope is renewed. Her new brother-in-law claims that his brother could be the one to break Audrey’s curse. But could Lucian really be her one true mate?

Sentinel leader, Lucian Scott has no desire to find a mate. He’s content with his single life. Or so he thought until a curvy, little witch comes into it. The mating urge slams into him almost immediately, and his need to possess Audrey in every way possible makes it unbearable to stay away from her. Too bad his brother, the Alpha, has given him a direct order to do just that. Keeping his distance until the so-called time is right may just be the death of him, but Audrey is definitely worth the wait.




Apparently, when an Alpha mates, it’s a big fucking deal.

With a sigh, Audrey traced the rim of her wine glass as she sat at a small table closest to the large, two-story brick house her older sister had moved into last month—after mating to an Alpha wolf the same night she’d met him. Olivia was insane. She had to be.

Then again, Audrey’s sister had found her one true mate and broken her curse. Sorrow seeped into Audrey, amplifying her already grumpy mood. It wasn’t that she was unhappy for Olivia. Finding a mate and breaking the curse placed on her from birth was wonderful. Amazing. Not to mention, Olivia looked like she’d won the lottery, ten times over.

As she should. Olivia was so head over heels in love she glowed from it. Plus, the curse that hung over her head, similar to Audrey’s, had been broken. Her Alpha mate was a descendant of the moon goddess. In fact, he was a first generation shifter. Just the man to break the curse and give Olivia everything she desired.

Audrey glanced to the happy couple slowly dancing in the middle of the Pack circle. Her heart ached. Unlike Olivia’s curse, Audrey’s mate had to be kissed by a god. The prophecy was so vague she didn’t even know where to start looking.

So, she’d given up years ago.

Apparently, she was doomed to be alone, mateless, and childless for the rest of her existence. A lump formed in her throat, but she pushed it away. She didn’t need a man or children in her life.

“Pennies for your thoughts.”

The low rumble of the male’s tone rippled through her, stirring things long dead. She lifted her lashes and met the heated stare and beautiful gold eyes of Lucian Scott, the Gold Ridge Pack Beta, Sentinel leader, and her sister’s new brother-in-law.

The wolf was right out of her dreams, the perfect male. Lean muscles covered his tall frame. His dark brown hair fell just below his ears, framing a handsome face with a shade of beard. He’d unnerved her the moment they met hours ago.

Picking up her drink, she downed the last swallow and hoped he would leave. The last thing she needed was a gorgeous wolf making her crave things she’d never be able to have.

When he sat in the chair next to her, she rolled her eyes. “Have a seat.”

He leaned into her, draping an arm over the back of her chair and growled, “I will.”

Cocky SOB. Need raced through her like a wildfire, heating every part of her body. Good gods, this wasn’t happening. Knocking her arousal down a few notches, she scooted several inches away from him. “What do you want?”

A rumble sounded from his chest, not quite a growl. “Do you really want the answer?”

Yes, please. No. She didn’t. She couldn’t, even for a moment, entertain the idea… What was she talking about? He was sex poured into the perfect male body. And she’d had just enough alcohol to not give a shit.

Plus, she was cursed to never find her mate. So, what would it hurt to have a little fun for once? To be wild and have mind-blowing sex with the wolf next to her. Facing him, she smiled. “Yes, I would like to know your answer.”

The corners of his sensual mouth lifted, stirring to life a desire she’d never felt before. “I want to take you somewhere private, strip you bare, and lick every inch of your perfect, curvy body.”

Well then. Ask and you shall receive. It suddenly became hot, and it had nothing to do with the alcohol. She reached out and fingered a button on his black dress shirt. “Then what?”

“You are a naughty little witch.”

“One, I’ve never been little. Two, you don’t even know how naughty I can be.”

Who the hell was that woman who’d spoken?

Abruptly, he stood. Gripping her hand and pulling her with him, he stalked down a small path away from the party. She glanced over her shoulder to see her sisters watching, both with wild smiles.

Great. They’d badger her in the morning for details.