World building and Outlining

I offer detailed chapter by chapter outlines. Whether you have the world created and character fleshed out or no idea where to start, I can help. Our outlining prices vary from project to project and depends on the required word count. Below are the price ranges.

A detailed outline based on your worldbuilding and characters – $150 and up

A detailed outline, worldbuilding, character sheets, blurb, Series bible, and synopsis based off your idea – $300 and up


Don’t have the world of your story or series figured out, I can help with that too. We can schedule a video chat or a phone call to talk through the character details, their arcs, the story arc, and all the other important things needed to start the outlining process. I call this world building consulting.

World building consulting:

$25 per hour with the purchase of a outlining and/or concept service

      $50 per hour if you are doing your own outline


Don’t need an outline so detailed, No problem. I also offer custom concepts (blurb and synopsis) and basic outlines with 3-5 bullet points per chapter and only basic main character details. Think of as the foundation of your story that you can build on as you write.


Basic Outlines (minimum details, prefect for pantsers) – Starting at $100


Custom Concepts:

Custom concept is the story idea written out in a 1-2 page synopsis highlighting the main plot points for each act of your story. All concepts come with a professionally written blurb.

Your story idea – $60

Trust me concept (You tell me the genre and tropes you want and I come up with the story concept) – $75