I love audio books. I love listening to them while on a walk, cleaning the house, on long drives. There are so many other ways to listen. LOL

AND 15 of my books are on Audible. Check them out HERE.

Are you new to audio books? Ask me questions about it. Are you a avid listener? Feel free to chat them up with me here.

FOUR random commenters will receive Audible codes.

  1. I absolutely love them. They kept me company on many a dark night waiting for the bus home from work. I listened to all sorts. I really like listening to them while ironing, makes it go quicker specially when a lovely raunchy scene happens

  2. I love audio books. It frees me up so I can clean my house again or walk my poor dog without telling him to wait just one more minute lol poor thing has had to wait more than a minute. Lol. Anyway I love your books. Keep up the good work. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  3. I have never tried them. I have loved to read so much.. My health is getting worse and so is my eyesight. I have always wanted to try them but them am sort of afraid to. To me when you read you can imagine. Can you imagine the same way you do with a regular book? I love for books just to take me away from everything and love using my imagination. And my favorite type books are paranormal romance, erotic romance and victorian romance. Plusother kinds…

    • I say yes, you can imagine the story and details just like you can when you read it. If the voice is right, you can be pulled into the story and not want to stop listening.

      Happy Holidays,

      • I guess I will have to try one sometime. Sometimes when i open a certain book to read it says listen in audible. Im wondering if thats something that came installed in my kindle 7 fire. I just got it. I won it. So Im still earning how to use it,

  4. Hi, thank you for putting your books in audible format. I listen to audio books all the time. The audio books are easier for me because my eyes don’t get tired and I can listen to them no matter what I’m doing. Thank you

  5. I love the listen to audio books so I can do something else that includes using my eyes. I love that I can look into getting your book in audio format now also. Happy Holidays everyone. May you have the best loving end of the year and prosperous next year.

  6. Because it’s the season of giving, I’ve decided to give each of you (the 8 who commented on 12/18) an Audible code. I’ll send the codes to you via email shortly. Happy Holidays!

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