THREE DAYS until Reborn releases!

I am super excited about the release of Reborn: House of Phoenix. It’s not only part of the amazing multi-author shared world, Wicked Reform School, Reborn is also the prequel for my upcoming Academy of the Phoenix series. Dates, cover reveals, and teasers will come soon.

But right now we are counting down to Reborn’s release on Thursday, May 21, 2020!

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NOTE: The excerpts are continuing from the one before it. So if you missed the previous teasers you can find them below.

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Oh, I knew my mother—the Azorea Cay Clan leader—was on her way. Luce and I were closer, so we beat her and the guards. Luce stiffened beside me as if having the same bone-freezing realization. The trap was to draw the guards away from the clan.

I focused on my mother and sent her a telepathic message. “Mom, it’s a trap set by the harpies. Tell the guards to go back to the clan.

Mom replied, “I’m not a fool. I only have four with me. Don’t do anything until I get there. I mean it, Ember.

I worked my jaw, ignoring my mother’s scowling tone. Her lack of trust that I could protect my clan didn’t go unnoticed. Just because I wanted to claw Stacia’s eyes out and her insides while her body burned didn’t mean I was a loose cannon. Besides, I hadn’t let the harpy princess bait me in a long time. I had done the grownup thing and walked away, not giving Stacia the satisfaction to pick a fight.

Mom’s lack of convenience in me made my heart ache. Whatever. Sometimes I wondered why she was pushing me to step in as clan leader so soon.

Focusing on the harpy bitch in front of me, I asked, “What do you want?”

“Why would we want anything from you?” Stacia advanced closer to Lucent and I tensed. So help me if she touches him…

Lucent may be my best friend, but he was so much more. In recent years, I’d discovered that the thought of another female touching him gave me murderous intentions.

He was mine.

Although I would never let him know that. Or anyone else. The fear of losing what we had weighed heavy on my heart. So I was happy with being his best friend. For now.

“Cut the shit, Stacia. You faked the cry of child to lure us out here. You want something.” I glared at her as she stepped into Luce’s personal space.

Luce snarled at her but didn’t back off. He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of affecting him. Even if that affect caused him to want to rip her head off her shoulders. The visual that thought formed in my mind made me smile. I didn’t care if it made me a little blood thirsty.

Stacia had always enjoyed baiting me. She was, after all, her clan leader’s daughter just as I was. So we had a future of agreeing to disagree.

And I’ve had about enough of her attention-getting crap for the night. I walked over and took Luce’s hand and pulled him away from her. “Whatever you want can’t be that important. I’ve called off the guards and Pyra was never coming. So go on home.”

I turned and started walking off, but her words stopped me cold in my tracks.

“But you invaded our territory and killed my personal guard.”

What the… Slowly, I glanced at her from over my shoulder in time to see the crazy-ass harpy form a fireball and threw it at her guard. By the open mouth shock on the guard’s face, I was guessing that wasn’t in the plan.

Stacia really was crazy. And to prove my point, she started screeching to alert her clan and screaming at the other two harpies with her to capture me.

Come back tomorrow for the next excerpt, which picks up where this one left off!

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