FOUR DAYS until Reborn releases!

I am super excited about the release of Reborn: House of Phoenix. It’s not only part of the amazing multi-author shared world, Wicked Reform School, Reborn is also the prequel for my upcoming Academy of the Phoenix series. Dates, cover reveals, and teasers will come soon.

But right now we are counting down to Reborn’s release on Thursday, May 21, 2020!

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NOTE: The excerpts are continuing from the one before it. So if you missed the previous teasers you can find them below.

Teaser 1: https://authorliadavis.com/2020/05/reborn-countdown-teaser-1/



Without hesitation, I released Lucent’s hand and raced through the jungle, leaving him to chase after me. Lucent didn’t ask where I was going, nor did he hesitate. I know he heard the call for help. We’d always been able to sense what the other was thinking or what we would do. We moved as a unit. Many people had commented that we moved and acted like a bonded pair.

The sounds of the call stopped, then started again a little more east from where we were? Fuck. “Can you tell which kid it is?”

Lucent shook his head. “No, but he or she sounds like they’re on the move.”

Yeah, I noticed that too.

How the hell did the kid get this far out into the jungle? Unless he or she was carried off. That was possible. A clan of harpies lived on the north side of the island in the Pacific Ocean. My clan claimed a large span of the southern part of the island.

The harpy clan was small with only about fifty or so members and pretty much stayed to themselves. But every once in a while, they were known to come to our territory and steal food. In recent months, the fly-by thievery had become more frequent. Lucent and I, along with the royal guards patrolled the skies and scared the bitches away.

There was one bitch in particular I’d like to stab through the heart and light on fire—the harpy princess, Stacia. She’d been the bane of my existence since we were preteens. Our tiffs had started off as innocent pranks but over the years had turned into battles of a great war we were fighting. I didn’t even know why we hated each other so much.

Taking one of our kids, would a way for the bitch to get under my skin, again. And piss me off.

However, I saw Stacia with kids. She loved them, no matter what the species. In fact, the only person she seemed to love to hate was me. It could be something else entirely who carried the child off. That last thought sent cold fear down my spine.

Fury fueled my inner fire and I push my legs to move faster. Sure I could shift, but the burn in my muscles from running would calm me and keep me from killing whoever was making the child cry. I hoped it would anyway. I wasn’t making any promises.

The cawing grew louder, indicating we were getting close, so I slowed down. Several more yards and we exited into a small clearing that I was sure where the crying had come from. Then it stopped. So did Luce and me.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Scowling as he turned in a circle, taking in our surroundings, Luce shook his head. “I smell a trap.”

Yeah, me too.

A blur of black wings flew overhead just as three harpies stepped out of the tree line. They were sisters, or at least I thought they were. Their features were all similar, so they were related in some way. The one in front of the other two was the ringleader.


Long black hair flowed around her shoulders of her very nude body. Harpies spent more time in their bird-like forms then their human forms, so it was rare to see them with clothes on unless they were in meetings with other clan leaders or trying to blend in with humans.

Stacia’s dark gaze locked onto mine and her lips twisted in amusement. So glad I could be her entertainment. “I was sure your mother would join you seeing how she adores your young so much.”

Come back tomorrow for the next excerpt, which picks up where this one left off!

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