Business Pleasures

BusinessPleasures-200x300Pleasures of the Heart, book 1

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Aimee Monroe never considered dating her boss. She needs a new beginning, not a big mistake. However, when the handsome, business lawyer, Kenton McDonnell, ask her to a dinner date with a new client and his wife, she finds it hard to say no. After one incredible night with Kenton, her attempt for a fresh start is ripped away when she returns home to find her abusive ex-husband waiting for her.

Kenton has wanted Aimee since the day she walked into the interview. Now he has the chance to make her his and nothing or no one is going to stand in his way. Especially not the ex-husband newly released from prison who has revenge in his sights.





He focused on Aimee and tilted his head slightly to the side. Her large green eyes held concern and something else he’d never noticed before. It could be simply she’d never looked him in the eyes before. Whatever the reason, he saw a loneliness there which mirrored his own.

The loneliness he’d felt since losing both his parents ten years ago.

“Mr. McDonnell?”

Shaking out of his thoughts, he smiled at her. “Do you like seafood?”

Her eyes widened and she drew back a little, showing her surprise at his question. Instead of answering, she peered back at her notebook. “The Olsens called and wanted to set up an appointment to go over the new evidence against their company.”

He sighed. “I’ll call them. I’m sure I can handle it over the phone.” He paused before asking her, again, “Do you like seafood?”

Without looking at him, she nodded then took a slip of paper tucked into the back cover of the notebook and slid it across the desk. He peered down at it and froze.  A note from Julie to Aimee. Her familiar handwriting, neat and proper, expressed no distress over her decision to leave.


I broke it off with Kenton. It just wasn’t going anywhere. We tried, but failed. He really is a great guy and an amazing lover. I saw the way he looked at you, the way his voice softened when he mentioned your name. Don’t run from him for long. He’s too good of a catch.


He crumpled the paper in his hand and sat back in his chair, understanding Aimee’s hesitation. “Julie broke up with me in a text.” He laughed. “Like we’re in high school or something.”

Aimee lifted her gaze to his. “But you’re not upset?”

He shrugged. “I guess I expected it. Like she said, the relationship just stalled. Neither one of us wanted to marry the other. So the relationship hit a roadblock or just the end of the road. We could have toughed it out, waiting to move forward, but we’d both be unhappy and possibly grow to hate each other. She was right about one thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m attracted to you.”

With her hands in her lap, she averted her gaze. “I don’t think this could work. I mean, you and me. You’re my boss.”

“Come to dinner with me tonight.”

“What? I can’t…”

“Do you have other plans? I’m sorry, I didn’t think. Of course you have something else planned. I’ll just reschedule the dinner.”

Aimee shifted in her seat. “Reservations are already made. You can’t reschedule. Campton Energy is a huge deal.”

“Alan and I are old friends. He’ll understand that something came up.”

She fell silent, still shaking her head. “I’ll go, but it’s not a date.”