Royal Bears of Sin City

Wicked Treason, Book 1

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Bear prince Arric Artio is trapped in the human realm with his older brother and sister, unable to return to their homeland because of a curse that limits their power. Communications with his people are limited, but they get messages through. Recent rumors say Lucifer cursed them, and they must recover the talisman – a music box.

Finding the relic is only one step in breaking the curse. The second is to find and bond with his fated mate.

He knows who his mate is and has done everything possible to keep the nephilim, Ambriel Storm, out of his thoughts and his bed. He doesn’t have the patients or the time for a liar and a thief.

The day Brie met Arric, she knew she should have walked away at first sight. But the pull to him is too strong. He has consumed her thoughts and dreams ever since she left him years ago. It’s hard not to think about him when her son looks too much like his father.

The five-year-old has fallen ill due to the curse placed on the factions. She has no choice but to seek out his father for help. But would he forgive her betrayal to save their son and his whole race?

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Wicked Treason, Book 2

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His Royal Highness bear shifter, Rylan Artio is stuck, cut off from his magic and his home realm—cursed by Lucifer. Along with the royal three from each faction, Rylan and his brother and sister are on a mission to search for a talisman. A music box.

But finding the magical object is only one step in breaking the curse. Rylan and his siblings must find and bond with their fated mate. That’s harder than one would think because fated mates are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

However, Rylan met his mate years ago, but she seems to always evade him. It’s a good thing that Ry is a persistent man. His patience paid off.

Now that he has Tessa under his roof, he isn’t going to let the trickster goddess go. Tessa Turner is his and she’ll soon find out what it means to tangle with a bear.

Tessa is half trickster god, half human. It’s her humanity that saved her from the curse. Well, saved her isn’t quite right. She may have her magic at full strength, but her mate is a bear prince who must claim her as one of the steps in restoring his magic.

It seems the Fates think she has run from her destiny for long enough.

There’s more at stake than her insecurities about mating and her trust issues. She isn’t going to let the devil play god. If that means mating with the gorgeous bear prince and facing her past to get the talisman back, then that is a sacrifice she’s willing to make.

Besides no one ever dies from falling in love. Do they?

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Wicked Truth, Book 3

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Bear shifter heiress Tamsin Artio is feeling the pressure. The last stage of breaking the curse placed on the factions rests in her hands. Normally she would step up and take one for the team.

Not this time.

She can’t fix anything by finding her fated mate, because her mate died over twenty years ago.

Malaki Bowen is searching for answers. Living off the grid, he doesn’t have much contact with people, nor does he make it a habit of carrying on conversations. But when he lost his powers, he knew it was time to work on his people skills.

Since he left the security of his mountain he’s been tracked by an unknown assassin. He’s spent months on the run while making his way to Sin City where the three bear royals were rumored to live.

His mission: outrun the assassin and finally claim his mate to end the curse.

Nothing is ever simple. And facing Tamsin for the first time since they were teens will kill him. That is, if Tamsin doesn’t kill him herself after she learns the truth.

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