How is everyone? I feel it’s been a while since I posted an update. I’ve changed somethings around to give me room to take on a job in addition to writing.


First, A Fate for Zeus has been removed from all retailers. The multi-author series it was in is doing a reorg of some kind to boost the series. With everything going on in my personal life I can’t give the group the attention it needs from me to relaunch and market the project. I decided to pull Zeus from the Gods of Olympus and will rewrite it to fit into the Dragons of Ares series.


I’ve been getting questions about the Dragon’s of Ares. I’m working on seeing where I can fit them in. I will be rebranding, revising, and relaunching the series. So you might see them disappear from the retailers for a little while. You’ve been warned. 😀


Dark Scales Division. Kerry and I have 8 more chapters left and it’s already bigger than Owen’s book. You asked for a larger book, your getting it. It might come close to 50k. We may have to push the release date into August, but we’re waiting to make that decision after this week.


Witches of Rose Lake. Book three, Hunted by Them, has been loaded to retailers. The cover reveal is next week so stalk the blog for more info on that.


Who wants to revisit Ashwood Falls? I need to know it will sell and hasn’t lost it’s appeal, so you, my readers, need to tell me. <3


Have a fabulous week!