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I am super excited about the release of Reborn: House of Phoenix. It’s not only part of the amazing multi-author shared world, Wicked Reform School, Reborn is also the prequel for my upcoming Academy of the Phoenix series. Dates, cover reveals, and teasers will come soon.

But right now we are counting down to Reborn’s release on Thursday, May 21, 2020!

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NOTE: The excerpts are continuing from the one before it. So if you missed the previous teasers you can find them below.

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“Fuck,” Luce said, his eyes darting from the harpy on fire to the three charging at us.

Twisting around, I kicked out, hitting one of the harpies in the chest. Taylor was Stacia’s younger sister and just as mean. All harpies were mean, but Stacia’s family was the royalty of cruel harpies.

Taylor stumbled back a few feet before regaining control and rushing back at me. I was ready. I punched her in the jaw, making her head snap to the side. Without hesitating, I kicked her knee. She crashed to the ground and I was over top of her instantly.

I raised my fist to hit her again, to knock her the fuck out, when someone jumped onto my back. Debra. Stacia’s cousin or another sister. I didn’t know, nor did I care. It was clear that Stacia planned to either kill me or pin a crime on me that would get me killed.

Not happening.

Debra wrapped an arm around my throat and squeezed, cutting off my airway. I relaxed my body and let it fall backwards until we hit the ground. The force of impact knocked the wind out of Debra. Her grip on my loosened and I rolled off her.

I called to my inner fire. Flames covered my hands and I raised one fist over Debra, about to deliver her the death she was begging for. I was beyond pissed and beyond reasoning with. It was what my mother hated about me. The side of me that was too much like my father.


Stacia’s scream made me glance over my shoulder at her. My blood froze and my fire shifted to the ice flames I got from my father. Stacia had one hand wrapped around Luce’s neck with her claws cutting into his flesh. Her other clawed hand was positioned over his heart.

I locked gazes with my best friend, and he started shaking his head, knowing all too well what was coming. He knew I wouldn’t let Stacia get away with hurting what was mine.

Luce was mine.

“Let him go and face me like the strong warrior you pretend to be.” I straightened and faced her, not releasing my ice flames.

Lucent cursed and he started to struggle. “Em, don’t do it. You’re feeding into her bait.”

Then he called to his own fire, making it cover it his body. It wasn’t the death fire that our kind used to die and be reborn. The flames were enough to make Stacia release him with a yelp.

She backed away from him cradling her hand. “You won’t get away with killing my sisters and my guard.”

I wasn’t buying her poor-me cries. She was speaking loud enough so those who were headed in our direction would hear her. So I spoke just as loud. “You killed your own guard to pin it on me.”

A smirk formed on her face before she conjured a staff with a razor-sharp point and threw it at Lucent. I screamed, teleported to stand in front of him, and threw a spear of ice into her heart all at the same time. Stacia’s staff pierced my heart at the same time my ice spear went right through hers.

Stacia gasped in shook and stumbled back a few feet before dropping to the ground. Her body covered in ice as my magic spread through her system.

I fell to my knees and Lucent caught me. “Fuck, Em. Why?”

“I can’t lose you.” I touched his face as my vision blurred.

“You are crazy. I would have survived. Well, died, but I’m a phoenix and I would rise again.” He gripped the end of the staff and pulled it out, then placed his hand over the hole left there. His head snapped up as if hearing something. “They’re coming.”

Who? Oh, yeah, the harpies and Mom.

“She set us up.” I coughed and closed my eyes.

“Doesn’t matter. We’re on their property and the harpy princess is dead. The evidence is against you.” Luce cursed again and met my stare. “I’m sorry. It has to be this way.”

What? Understanding dawned on me as he conjured death fire and pushed it into my chest. I shook my head and tried to speak but no words came out. In the next moment the world faded around me. The shithead teleported me away.

There was nothing I could do because the death fire consumed me, pulling me into the ashes of death. The ashes I would rise from in a few hours. After Luce was executed for a crime I committed.

Sorrow filled me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to rise from the ashes if it meant Lucent wouldn’t be there when I woke.

Come back tomorrow for the next excerpt, which picks up where this one left off!

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